I am proud to call North Carolina home.  I have deep roots in the community and care about the people of this area.  I want to be an advocate for everyone.  We need to value labor and increase wages and provide affordable health care to all.  



I am a product of the North Carolina education system.  I am proud of my world class education.  We need to afford the same opportunities to all North Carolinians.  I was taught and believe that education is key.  This starts in our grade schools, high schools, community colleges and NC University system.  I want to make college affordable.  I want to make sure those teachers and educators on the front line are fairly compensated.  Education will make all the difference.  


"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore."

This is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.  It has stood as a beacon of hope for generations.


America is built on immigrants.  People want to come to this country for a better life just as our forefathers did before us.  We have to fix the immigration laws and allow people to come into this country legally.

The immigrants that I have met want a better life for themselves and most importantly their children.  Most are hard working and want the American dream.


I do not believe that anyone should die on the street because they do not have health insurance.  I do not believe that anyone should lose their life's savings because of a catastrophic medical condition.  North Carolinians are are strong and proud people that deserve affordable health care.  


Tons of North Carolinians like to hunt and fish.  Many more enjoy the beaches of NC.  NC's scenic beauty is unmatched.  It is a no brainer that we have to protect our environment.  We cannot allow anyone to dump chemicals in our rivers and streams or leach out from pits into our water system.  We also cannot unnecessarily burden businesses and citizens with laws that in no way help the cause.


We talk all the time about giving business and corporations and tax breaks to bring jobs to an area.  Without businesses, there would be no jobs.  We must respect labor though.  It is the citizens of NC that power the work engine of business.  There is a balance between the needs of business and the needs of the workforce.  


Do not let the fact that I am a Democrat dissuade you from voting for me because you think I will over regulate and and overtax you.  I will not.  I believe in common sense solutions.  I believe that agriculture is the life blood of this community and deserves to be represented and protected.  I will work hard to strengthen business and agriculture in the region.

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